Nawaz Leauge PML-N jalsa on 20 November 2011 Faisalabad

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will show its political strength in Faisalabad at Dhobi Ghat. on 20th November 2011 in reaction of the rally of Imran Khan the leader of PTI Pakistan. Imran Khan addressed the rally at  Minto Park Lahore on Oct 30. Rana SanaUllah  is very confident about the rally of Faisalabad.

nawaz sharif pmln

Watch Live Jalsa of PML N, Dhobi Ghat, Faisalabad

Nawaz Sharif will address the rally of Faisalabad on 20th November.  According to Abid Sher Ali the main focus of the rally is Go Zardari Go. Every one will come on its on. This will be the most biggest rally/jalsa in the history of Faisalabad.

Dhobi Ghat Fsd Jalsa PML N Nawas Sharif jalsa

Dhobi Ghat Faisalabad Jalsa, Go Zardari Go,from Nawaz League.




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    Khuda Nawaz Sharif ki Madad kary ………………

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