Nawaz Sharif Full Speech Video in Jalsa at Gujranwala

Nawaz Sharif addressing the crowd in Gujranwala Today. We shall change the history of Pakistan. To see such a large crowd in Gujranwala i am remembering the Long March. Today railway and PIA is bad in condition. Other countries are making fun of us. Corruption are touching the peeks in this government.

All students will get jobs if Pakistani People select us to govern. Those who role the Pakistan always filled their pockets and bank accounts with money and played with life of common people. Our party love the youth and we will provide jobs to them.

Shahbaz Sharif is distributing 100k laptops to the students of Punjab. No one can damage Pakistan. GT road is blocked due to the large crowd. Youth will bring change. We want Pakistan save and honorable.

Jalsa Video will be available after few minutes.

Ch.Nisar Speech at Gujranwala 31 December 2011



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  1. kamran aziz says:

    mian sahib just give one vist to sialkot to see your power.