Free Youth Punjab Laptops with Costly Giveaway Ceremonies

We Congratulate Punjab government when they decided to give 100,000 laptops to the brilliant students of Punjab universities. Shahbaz Sharif is doing well in other activities too.Here we also like to mention that Punjab government is wasting huge funds of Punjab in laptop giveaway ceremonies in different universities of Punjab, Pakistan. Our country is suffering from money deficient and much of the money is wasted in laptop giveaway ceremonies which are being held in almost all the districts of Punjab. The money which is wasted in the advertisement and other purpose in laptop distribution ceremonies should be save and use in some welfare purposes of people of Punjab.

We can easily save much of the money of government of Punjab which is uselessly been used in laptop giveaway ceremonies. Banners are being hanged in whole city where the ceremony is held. So, if you are doing something for the Youth of Punjab you should be rewarded with out the advertisement on TV and banners all over the Punjab.

Laptop Distribution Ceremony is challenged in high court of Punjab:



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