Hafiz Muhammad Saeed Jalsa In Narowal

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed the most wanted person of India and the price of is head isĀ  set to 1 corer US dollar according to recent American news agency. Jamat ud Dawa leader Hafiz Muhammad Saeed attended the last jalsa on 2nd April, 2012 in Dhobi Gath, Faisalabad. This time he is coming to Narowal City to show his public strength to the world. From Narowal India is not far away, India is very close in distance from Narowal. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed is against America as well as India too. He wants to take the tittle of most favorite country as India back to some other Muslim country.

hafiz muhammad saeed

Jalsa will be started on 4 pm in Narowal. Stage is set for Hafiz Saeed to address his felling to people of Narowal. Jalsa is held in Mohallah Ghousia, Near Addha Azmat-ul-Allah. Chairs are being set for public to sit there. We will broadcast live jalsa streaming in jalsa timing.



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