Watch Live Imran Khan Quetta Jalsa by PTI

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has set up a series of rallies all over Pakistan and the Quetta jalsa is also pre-planned and will be held today there. The local leadership from Baluchistan will also address the gathering at the Jalsa.

PTI Jalsa at Hockey Ground, Ayub Stadium, Quetta Jalsa is said to be historical towards the upcoming elections. The slogans will be raised there at the rally which is likely to be

Imran Khan as Prime Minister
Lagay Raho Imran Khan
Mian Sahib Jaan Deo, Saadi Waari aan daeo
Join Imran Khan Tsunami at Quetta

The jalsa was scheduled to start at 1 Pm on 20th April, 2012 at Hockey Stadium, Ayub Stadium, Quetta and live braodcast will also be available for viewers to watch.

Recent Update: Due to rain, the PTI Jalsa will start as soon as the rain stops.



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  1. syed daud says:

    imran khan we are waiting for you