Bakra Mandi Photo Gallery 2012

Bakra Mandi commonly know as Mandi Maweshia in Pakistan. Few days left in Bakra eid so all of us were trying to buy cows or bakra for the Eid. Rates are too high in Lahore Bakra Mandi 2012 and it is not as same as the previous year 2011. Animals rates are very high this year and its difficult for every one to buy a bakra or even a cow. The biggest Maweshi Mandi is located in Karachi. Beautiful Bakra market is set in Lahore this year and below are some pictures of Bakra mandi Lahore.

Bakra Mandi 2012 Pictures:


Camels are also brought in these Selling places. The prices of camels may be higher than the goats and cows but they are also part of our Eid ul Azha.

The above picture is from Lahore Cow Mandi, where camels are available to be bought.



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