Watch Live Hajj 2012: Live hajj Streaming 2012

Live Hajj 2012 streaming will be provided to all over the world by Saudi Minister of Information with the help of Youtube but due to some issue with YouTube, it is banned in Pakistan. We will provide you a new link from where you will able to get Hajj 2012 live streaming with out any problem.

Watch Online Live Hajj 2012 Streaming:

For Those countries where youtube is banned i.e Pakistan and Bangladesh. We have an other way to show them live hajj 2012 from Makkah. Open the below links if above video is not working in your country.

Live Hajj Streaming:

Watch Live Hajj Link 1

Watch Live Hajj from Makkah

About 2.5 million pilgrims from all over the world including more than 180,000 Pakistanis will perform Hajj 2012. Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) delivered his final hajj sermon at Arafat around 14 centuries ago.

?? ??? ?????? ???? – Live Streaming Hajj, Greeting to All those who are performing Hajj this year from HotPakNews.

People during hajj keep these words on their tongue, especially during tawaf around Kaaba.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
Laila Ha Illa Allah!
Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!
We Lillahi al Hamd

God is the greatest, God is the greatest, God is the greatest
There is no God except Him

God is the greatest, God is the greatest, God is the greatest
To Him belongs All Praise



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