ALLAH Printed on Chiuo Pampers in Karachi

An unexpected news has been published today (13th November 2012) in Daily Ummat Karachi edition which exposed a Pampers company with the name of Chiuo Pampers in Karachi city. According to the Daily Ummat newspapers, Name of Allah is written on Pampers and it is selling in whole Karachi. It was an unexpected news for Muslim, because we are living in Pakistan an Muslim country and we do not expect such things in a Muslim country. Yet, no inquiry of Chiua Pamper company has been done. We and all other Muslim which are now aware of the news demands the inquiry of this issue and the people behind this act should be punished.

According to newspaper Chairman Roet-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman has said that federal and provincial government should take action against them and he advised people to check the pamper before buying from market.

HotPakNews team protest against this issue and we demanded sudden inquiry of the issue as this act hurts all the Muslims of world.




  1. ahmad hassan says:

    how shame full this is?
    as an ISLAMIC country citizen we request government to take strictest actions

  2. ayesha says:

    this is not good for any religion.
    please take strict action against them .other wise tomorrow ALLAH will not forgive us before we face as Muslims move will be.

  3. Jamal says:

    It is not only shameful for us but for that whole seller n retailer also.if tomorrow such riots destroy these shops then the media n these by name Muslims anchor will start weeping on behalf of their father Dajjal e laeen. It is responsibility of the govt solely. Unfortunately we r living in the era of civilised world which has no civilisation at all.