Facts about Raiwind Ijtima 2012

Raiwind Ijtima 2012 has ended yesterday with lots of prayers to Allah Almighty. Thousands of people attended the Raiwind Ijtima 2012 from Pakistan and Outside. Some of the facts about Raiwind Ijtima 2012 are as under:

  • Rumors about Amir khan who is an Indian Actor attaneded the Raiwind ijtema was fake. This rumor spread through short message service in Pakistan.
  • Indian visitors to Raiwind Ijtima 2012 will leave Pakistan on 20th November 2012.
  • It is said that about 16000 Foreigners also attended Raiwind Ijtima including 8210 Arabs.
  • Maulana Zubair has done Last dua in Raiwind Ijtima.
  • This year Raiwind Ijtima 2012 was broadcast online through website by telecasting audio.
  • Raiwind Ijtima 2012 was divided into two parts due to large numbers of Ijtima attenders.
  • Maulana Tariq Jameel speech in Cavalary Ground was canceled because he was to deliver speeches at Ijtima and also due to busy schedule.
  • It was said on the Raiwind Tableegi Markaz Facebook page that 30 lakh people were present at the time of prayer of Part 1 of Ijtima.

Most of the information is obtained from internet and any liability does not lies over the HotPakNews Team. these facts are from Raiwind Tableegi Markaz facebook page.