Altaf Hussain Planed to Come Back Pakistan on 8th January

MQM Chief, Altaf Hussain is coming back to Pakistan on Tuesday (8th January, 2013) by PK786 flight. It is confirmed by many PPP and MQM leaders (media reports). Earlier Altaf Hussain has said, “he will launch a political ‘drone’ within the next 72 hours”. It mean he will be in Pakistan with in 72 hours and motivate his party for elections.

altaf hussain

Political changes are taking place very quickly and its very ealier to say for which purpose he decides to come to Pakistan at this time. MQM has already showed their interest and participation in Long March of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. May be Attaf Hussain is coming to lead the long march with Thir ul Qadri and make government in trouble.

Next 2-3 days are very important for Pakistani Politics and many new changes will be seen in next few hours. We will keep you updated with this news.



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