Laptop Distribution Schedule for Fresh Students Announced

Cm Shahbaz Sharif is awarding laptops among the students enrolled this year in universities of Punjab and selected universities of Islamabad. their schedules is given.


Lahore: 2nd February 2013

(Medical Colleges & Vocational Training Institutes of. Recipients included students of KEMU, FJMC, SIMS, LGH, UHS, AIMC, Institute of Public Health, PIC, College of Nursing, Post Graduate College Sheikhupura, Islamia College Kasur, PVTC, Diyal Singh College, MAO College, Government College of Technology Lahore)

Islamabad and Rawalpindi: 4th February 2013 (Distribution Details)

(NDU, COMSAT, NUML, Quaid-e-Azam University, Gordon College, RMC, Women College Satellite Town Rawalpindi)

Faisalabad: 8th February 2013 (Expected)

(University of Agriculture Faisalabad, GCU Faisalabad, PMC Faisalabad)

Note: Eligible students from 1st Phase and 2nd Phase are also included whose names are in the leftover students lists of all teh universities.




  1. zain says:

    When CM will come in University Of Gujrat?????????

  2. Khadija says:

    Respected Sir
    we are students of M.SC zoology evening 4th sem. in G.C UNI Faisalabad. We are eligible candidate for the laptop scheme and our Dean also assigned on our forms but due to 4th sem laptop not given . Kindly give us laptop because this is our right . We are 52 students( your voter).We are awaiting for your positive feedback.pllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz feed back .weeeeeeeeeeeeeee are awaiting.please read our message……………….

  3. sadam says:

    Sir g plz reply my agrarians(THE SHINING STARTS OF UAF) fellows are waiting f0r y0ur reply…so plz…we are eager to get laptops…

  4. ammar says:

    if any student was absent in that ceremony then what is the procedure to get the laptop??

  5. Ali says:

    o bhai sialkot kab ana hai

  6. sadam says:

    Sir is it c0nf0rme k main Uaf 8th february laptops distribute h0 rahey han?

  7. ahmed ali says:

    Uaf kab ana hai sir

  8. MARXI says:

    MY NAME IS IN THE MERIT LIST bt on 4 feb i was going out of city. now the university dn’t gve any cnfrmtion that eithr laptop gving r nt. plx i want lptop. now plx gve me suggestion wt can i do????

  9. Aamir Saleem says:

    sir, faisalabaad me kab aana hai

  10. sadam says:

    Sir g plz for ALLAH SAKE bta dejye k ap 8th february ko cnfrm hai k UAF aa rahey han keya ?

  11. GCUF says:

    GCUF ki koi date announced hui hi?

  12. sadam says:

    Sir g plz bta dejye k kya kal ap uaf main laptop distribution k lye aa rahey han ?.?.?
    Sir g plz reply krye ga main ny wapus uni h0stel jana hai plz reply g plz…

  13. sadam says:

    Sir g bta dejye kya kal ap uaf aa rahey han g?

  14. Shamsa says:

    sir when you give laptops of commerce college students?

  15. Shamsa says:

    sir i got 68% in 1 now im in final my friend also got 70% marks in 1 sir we are eligible for laptop. we are under your given criteria we studying in Govt. Commerce College of Bahawalpur its Humble Request to you kindly do something which is better for us. we deserve laptop.. kindly e mail me or reply as soon as possible ..Allah shower his Blessings on all of you,,

  16. sadam says:

    Acha Mubashir sir g ap ab UAF bilkul b na aye ga,
    hmarey pr0fesrs ko pta ni keya huwa hai unho ny sub phase 1 k Leftover students ko N0T ELIGIBLE kr deya hai,i dnt kn0w why g…hud he h0gai hai g 2 year hmarey names her list main atey rahey han a0r ab n0t eligible…

  17. moazam says:

    sir faisalabad keb a rhy han, plz rply zaroor krai ga

  18. sadam says:

    We are leftover students of phas(1) of UAF.
    Ab tk 2 years main sbhe lists main hum Eligible atey rahey,ab ek dm sy he hm n0t eligible ho gaey,hairat hai,
    ghlti sy chlo k0e 5,10 names lists main ajatey h0n gen but yaha to k0e 200 students k0 he n0t eligible kr deya gya hai ,
    we are waiting f0r your reply Mr.MUBASHIR shb.
    0kay sir g jesa ab ap kahen gen vsa hm kren gen…aap bus ek bar hmari uni walo sy p0ch den k unho ny aysa ku keya hai,hmen ap py p00ra p00ra yaqeen itmaad hai.we are w8ing f0r ur reply…,

  19. sadam says:

    Sir MUBASHIR shb reply to kr dejye?

  20. Hearty says:

    27 Feb in Fsd cnfirm date ha

  21. tania ali says:

    sir fsd kb ana?plzzzzzzz reply

  22. saima says:

    doing bsc hons from uhs plzzzz give me a laptop

  23. saima says:

    sir (cmh) bhi aiye na
    bsc hons walon ko affiliated with uhs

  24. Tanvir says:

    chachu kab ana hy gcuf

  25. kamran says:

    UAF main distribution kb ho rhe ha?

  26. usman says:

    AoA ma international islamic uni islamabad ma prhta houn mera 1st semister ma 3.52 gpa hai plz ye bta daen k ma eligible houn is laptop k lye??

  27. sam says:

    Uaf ma kb ho g distribution pahaly 8th feb the thn 23rd the thn 27th and now 2nd march?whn ll b distribution kindly tel plzz

  28. sadam says:

    Sir we are leftover students of phase(1)UAF.
    Sir hmarey sath acha nahi keya ja raha hmen N0t Eligible kr ke.Infact we are Eligible from a long time,hmarey sath waley sub dosto, felows ko mil chuka hai unfortunatly hm leftovers ke list main aa gaey ab tk her ek list main hm eligible atey rahey per ek dm sy hmen pta b ni chla a0r not eligble ye hmarey sath aysa ku keya ja raha hai,jb k hm ny apney reshta daro village k sub logo ko bta deya hai k hmen laptops mil gaen han,ab hmarey liye b0ht sharmindgi ke bat ho rahe hai agr hmen eligible na keya gya to hmarey sath b0ht zyadti aor na insafi ho ge,sir mubashir shb hm kb sy apk reply ka wait kr rahey han but ap hmarey c0ment ko remove py remove keye ja rahen han,ye b ache bat nahi hai,we are w8ing for ur reply….