Shahbaz Sharif will distribute Laptops among University Teachers Tomorrow

Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif is going to distribute laptops among the teachers, supervisors of public sector universities on 1st march 2013 at Govt. College University, Lahore. All the teachers of university from all over the Punjab will attend the function of laptops distribution among teachers and supervisors on 1st March 2013.

Shahbaz Sharif has already distributed the free laptops among the students of public sector colleges and universities. Now, its time for the teaching staff who stands eligible for getting free laptops by Shahabz Sharif. This step is considered a very good step among the teaching community.

shahbaz sharif laptops

Laptops have been awarded among the teachers. CM Shahbaz Sharif just arrived for the award of Merit-Laptops to the teachers holding PhD degrees from all across Punjab, at the Oval ground of the prestigious Government College University, according to the Facebook official Shahbaz Sharif page.

shahbaz sharif laptops

These days, CM Punjab is doing whatever he can deliver to the public, either in terms of Metro Bus System, Free Laptops among the students and teachers, Ujala programme in which Free solar lamps are awarded to teh eligible students of Punjab. (1st March 2013)




  1. Fatima Aneeq says:

    I have been doing Ph.d course work and enrolled in IIU since one year with 72% marks in both semestes, and 3.25 CGPA. I have applied for the laptop on due time. but didn’t receive any update regarding this in the college. Is there any other criteria being followed.

  2. Ghulam Farid says:

    Private sector University students of Ph.D and M.Phil who are primary ,elementary and secondary school teachers in Punjab Govt .They are paying huge fee to private Universities to improve their qualification.They are doing research and u all know that information technolgy can play an important role in their research but they are not awarded laptops. They demand Mian Shebaz Sharief laptops.

  3. miss roohi says:

    sir we r student of b.ed why u r nt giving us laptop after all we r student plz give us also y u r nt giving laptop for 1 year programs student plz give us also