Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Ceremony on 3rd March 2013

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) member of Sindh assembly and adviser of Chief Minister Sindh Sharmeela Farooqi has decided to get married with Hasham Riaz Sheikh on 3rd of March, 2013. Hasham Riaz Sheikh is the son of ormer Director General Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) Ahmed Riaz Sheikh. He is considered to be very close friend of President of Pakistan  Asif Ali Zardari. So, all the senior leaders of PPP will be present at the wedding ceremony of Sharmila Farooqi and Hasham Riaz Sheikh.

sharmila farooqi office

The place of marriage ceremony is not yet revealed by the family and couple. Sharmila Farooqi is considered to be the most beautiful politician in Pakistan People’s Party. She looks beautiful and many people like her.

Some months back few pictures of Sharmila Farooqi has been seen on social media and websites which made conspiracies about her. Sharmila Farooque and Agha Siraj Durrani scandal pictures are also published to social media but we do not give these pictures must importance as nothing is wrong with pictures.

Recently, about 1-2 weeks ago a new picture of Sharmila Farooqi was published on Internet in which Sharmila Farooqi is dancing. This picture is original but bloggers have cut the other side of picture. In fact, Sharmila Farooqi is playing musical chair with a lady and if you just see Sharmila’s picture it seems that she is dancing. Real Picture is as below.

sharmila farooqi musical chair

We wish best of luck for her wedding.

We all were informed by media sources that Sharmila Farooqi wedding ceremony will be held on 3rd March, 2013. But it has wedding ceremony has taken place already and below we are sharing the Sharmila Farooqi Wedding Pictures.

Sharmila Farooqi Wedding Picture

Really nice style in wedding pictures.

Full Collection of Sharmila Farooqi Engagement Pictures



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  1. Sana Askari says:

    Where have Zardari and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf come from?
    Since politicians have lost a lot of credibility, I do not tend to repose trust in any.
    However, clarifications like one Sharmila gave, can be accepted because the man levelling the allegations did not give any counter rejoinder or rebuttal.
    And by the way, u think Sharmila should not be trusted since she also hails from the camps of Zardari and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf?
    Why didn’t u mention Imran Khan or Nawaz Sharif’s names here.
    Are they pious and honest?
    Stop comparing people like this.