Valentine’s Day Scandal In Ice Cream Parlor Karachi

on 17th February CNBC a news channel has aired a program which have shocked Pakistani people. The show was on Valentine’s Day and bring one new thing to the media that some hotels are giving rooms to youngsters (girls and boys) to do any thing they want and they just charge 200-600 per hour. Rooms were well decorated and from this hotels get huge profit. Along with boys and girls, cameras are placed in the room to get full video of their activities. The hotel owners sell these videos to International websites to get money.

Ice Cream Parlor In Karachi

In program, many couples are seen in ice-cream parlors in Malir Saudabad Area and doing bad activities there. In the program video you will also see police present there and also doing activities which you don’t like to watch. Program host owner also told that they have received many phone class of girls after the program that they are trapped in this big game. We advised you to do not watch the video if you are under 18 ( Video will be available soon in few hours).




  1. mrshah says:

    Please provide me the link to see these videos.