Arshad Pappu Leaked Torture Video Hits Social Media

Karachi: A Video of Gangster Arshad Pappu hits social media which shows the torture on the dead body of Arshad Pappu. You can hear the whispering voice in the background of the video which shows that 6-8 people were present at the spot when his dead body was tortured.

arshad pappu leaked video

Arshad Pappu with his brother was killed in Lyari on 17th March, 2013. The torture video is captured at night with some mobile device so the quality of the video is not quiet well. In the video one of the person cut his heat off and eyes gouged out with knives and screwdriver.

We personally think that what ever he was but torturing the dead body is not good. As, Islam does not allow such things with the dead body of a person. Please let us know with your opinion.

If you are under 18 years than its our humble request do not watch this video. Now video is removed on the request of one of our regular viewer on Facebook. But many people still want to watch the video so on our website video is still working.




  1. Ak-47 says:

    Almighty allah will punish them for their crime.The Govt of PPP is over Now Their enemies will crush these bastards into pieces as to do to other and i will pray for the destruction of lyari.The People of lyari are not baloch they are monsters and They wont die a peace full death.

  2. imran says:

    yes i agreed with you Allah hum sub ko naik hidayat de (ameen)

  3. Arsalan says:

    ye log insan nhi hain… itna badtr salook to koi janwar k sath b nhi karta…. yahan army operation hona chahie ya drone attack lyari me hona chahie… 1 hi attack me pura lyari level kardena chahie… Illitrate ka word b bohot chota hai in logon k lie… or aise logon ko zinda rehne ka koi hq nhi jo insano k sath itna ghatia salook karte hain chahe wo insan koi b ho…. Islam is chez ki ijazat kisi ko b nhi deta…

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