Famous TV actress MOMO worried about Pakistan

Hina Dilapzir Khan, aslo called as MOMO, the famous TV actress is now a days worried about the political situation of Pakistan, as online sources reported.momo-elections

She was born in Karachi in 1966. She became famous in the previous years when she did a drama and she got the role of MOMO. Many blogs on internet these days are reporting that she is worried about Pakistani political system and also on the upcoming elections, but there has been no official confirmation by those blogs.

Momo is a divorced woman, currently residing in Karachi, prior to this she was living was in UAE with her father. She has worked in many dramas, from GEO TV to HUM TV. The famous Bulbulay in which she performed as Momo was aired on ARY Digital. She has done dramas from humor category to very serious and tragedy serials.

It is also said by media that during the election season, the media community suffers as the trend changes towards news and political things. But most of our media persons and showbiz industry is supporting and hoping a better Pakistan ahead.



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