Maryam Nawaz Sharif And Ahsan Iqbal Scandal

Now a day an image is revolving on the social website Facebook about the Maryam Nawaz Sharief and Ahsan Iqbal’s scandal. In this image both the leaders are standing very close as they are touching with each other. It seems that the image is taken in the meeting of High Official of PML-N.

ahsan iqbal and maryam nawaz

The PTI’s workers are now claiming that there is something between these two leaders Maryam Nawaz Sharief and Ahsan Iqbal. This image is mostly shared on the PTI Facebook Pages by the PTI lovers. On the Facebook the PML-N workers respond to this that this news is fake and the picture is not real but some PML-N members has said that the picture is real but there is no such kind of issue as the Ahsan Iqbal is her uncle like.

This image has created a war at a different angle as the PML-N and PTI’s worker are abusing each other at different occasion and in messages on Facebook. The image is now trying to take the wrong side according to PML-N workers but the PTI workers are busy in proving that there is something bad in both the leaders. Media has declared and the PML-N has also declared that this is a very cheap move to criticize there leaders.

Picture Now a day Popular on Social Media:

ahsan iqbal maryam nawaz




  1. Anita Turab says:

    Although I’m not a supporter of PML-N at all but this photograph of Maryam and Ahsan Iqbal is absolutely fake and whoever is trying to malign her cannot convince people. Her image is superimposed…as is I think she’s above and beyond the effect of such cheap tricks. Her supporters would not be deterred.

  2. Bohat achy hn iqbal Uncle..........????????? says:

    Boht achy hn iqbal uncle??????????????????????

  3. Tuheed Sulehri says:

    Allah Ka kaooff khaoo Aese he kisee pey tuhameit lagana bohat sakhat gunah hai pic deykh kar aap itne ilzaam laaga Rahe ho kuch khyal karo mere bahi aik web bana li hai aap loogon ne iss ko iss tarh ilzaam laaga kar mashoor mat karo

  4. Jahanzeb Khan says:

    I am with those who say the photograph of Maryam Nawaz and Ahsan Iqbal is a fake although I am no Nawaz supporter

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