Maryam Nawaz Sharif Scandal with Captain Safdar

Maryam Nawaz has been allegedly involved with Captain Safdar, who after the scandal got married with the same. Maryam Nawaz scandal remained in news back in history.

She was born in 1973 in Lahore and is the only daughter of Nawaz Sahrif. Maryam Nawaz mother name is Kalsom Nawaz. Her scandal arose with Captain Safdar, when she was studying in Lahore. After this scandal, her father, former PM Nawaz Sharif managed to marry his daughter with Captain Safdar. There are even more scandals when she was illegally migration to King Edward medical College, Lahore.

Besides Maryam Nawaz, many scandals came up on daily basis, the latest one scandal that came in news and social media was Maryam Nawaz with Ahsan Iqbal which was not even denied by the PML-N.

maryam nawaz scandal

Many people still think that Maryam and Capt Safdar is not a well exampled couple. It is worthy to note that Captain (R) Safdar is also in the politics. Previously, due to his involvement in a scandal, Nawaz Sharif suspended his party affiliation. With the came up of this news, Maryam Nawaz was happy that her father did justice with that man.

She is currently involved in politics and campaigns for Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. She is helping out his father in campaigns and motivating the people.

maryam nawaz sharif

maryam nawaz

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  1. mudasir sagri says:

    luck es ko kahtay han……………………………

  2. Ahmad says:

    You guys are making scandals from no where just for the sake of making news you guys are robbing people of their good name and reputation. Remember God would punish you and your this so called web site.
    P.S (I am not associated with PMLN, I am a die hard PTI worker)

  3. Ali says:

    Hukmrano ka ya hal hy tu awam kia kry gi.

  4. tahir says:

    shame on those who upload fake scandles about nawaz sharif and her family.. nawaz sherif is a honest person..allah gave him ability to do something better for pakistan..

  5. neha says:

    kisi k bary mein ghalat bat karna acha nahi or khas tor par kiai k personal matter par es tharhan kehna jab k ap ko such ka pata hi naho.

  6. nomi khan says:

    kisi k bary mian ghalat bat karna acha nahi

  7. Ahmad raza says:

    Mjy maryam bohat pyari lagti haa .

  8. M Adil Nawaz Khan says:

    Totally wrong and unacceptable. She is now a respected lady and we should encourage the ladies as well which could be in our families in near future as the modernisation changed the whole society.
    But Indeed we should not care these kind of stuff.

  9. omais says:

    kia ap sb logn ki maa bhn nai ha jo begairti krta ho ghatya log wo kia ha kia nai ap ko issue nai hna chahya apna gharon ma jhanko fazoul wela log

  10. Ammar says:

    pls yar is post ko delet karo, app aik muslim behn per tuhmat laga rahy ho, pls remove the post

  11. tariq bhatti says:

    hamain kia pata yaaaaaaaaaaaar ham to ghareeb se log hain hamain kabhi koi sach bataye to hamain pata chale aur kis ki bat pe yakeen karen? yaaaaaaaaaaaar koi to mashawara de do pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………

  12. rida naz says:

    ksi ki zati zindgi mien hum kon hoty hn dhakl deny waly apni khbrno ki khatr or pasno ki khatr asi ghtia hrkat thek nhi kal ap ki bhen or beti k bary mien koi asi khabrenn chapy to kasa lagy ga shram ani chaiy asi batno py or agr maraim bebe os ko pasand krtin then or wo bhi to islam is ki ijazat deta ha k passand sy shadi kro wo bhagi to nhi shadi ki nikha kia plz asi batin nhi honi chain chay ap kis parti sy ho ya ksi soby sy

  13. arman says:

    Allah sy dary wo log jo kisi pr ilzam lagaty hy,Allah ki lati byawaz hoti hy tu plzzzzzzzzzz leave the personal issues of others plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. syed Burhan shah says:

    nthng would b imposible in pakistan bro……………………………………………rida u r rite we r nt intrepted the persn lyf of any body…

  15. Syed Ans q says:

    Mein To Bas Itna Kahoon Ga Keh Awwam Ko Media Ne Badtameez Ker Diya Hai…Na Yeh Nawaz Shareef Ko Maaf Kerti Hai Aur Na Yeh Imran Khan Ko ….In Dono Ne Pakistan Ka Name Roshan Kiya Lakin Log Araam Se Ghar Beth Ker In Ke Khilaaf Propeganda Kerte Rehte Hein…..

  16. allah sa darro asi bt nahe krni aj k bhd

  17. Pervez Sultan Chak says:

    Kisi ki Bhan Biti pa tomat lagaty howe sharm ana chaye tum logon ki apni bhan biti be ghr main ho ge jisa kro gay wisa he boao gay

  18. Awais says:

    oye admin ye post delet kr teri bi ghar me maa bahn hai

  19. Malik Abdul Rehman Jami says:

    You must feel some shame on such activities. This is against the traditions of our society. We must learn to respect and should never try to bring ladies in to this dirty game. I am sympathiser of PTI but simply do not like these kind of acts.

  20. sherazkhan says:

    i like maryam nawaz shrif

  21. shakeel Ahmed says:

    our leader’s, our Pakistan god gifted.

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