NA-251 Karachi National Assembly Candidates, Results, Maps

National Assembly NA-251 Karachi consist of Area of Clifton and nearby areas. In election 2013, almost all parties PTI, PPP, PML-N, JUI and MQM are trying to win NA-250 seat and all other seats of National Assembly of Karachi. National assembly has 19 seats from Karachi and all National assembly.


Candidates Contest 2013 Election:

(List will be updated soon)

NA-251 Karachi-XIII Result Elections 2008

Choudhri Umar Hayat Sandhu                    PPP         17823
Irfanullah Khan Marwat                        Independent     6653
Mushahidullah Khan                            PML-N            22304
Waseem Akhter                                 MQM                83537

PS-114 Karachi-XXVI Result Elections 2008

Sardar Abdul Rahim                       PML-N                       10775
Tahir Bashir Bhutta Advocate             PPP                    2562
Irfanullah Khan Marwat                   Independent           22043

PS-115 Karachi-XXVII Result Elections 2008

MEHFOOZ-UN-NABI KHAN                     PML-N             4156
MUHAMMAD RAZA HAROON                     MQM          60146
MUHAMMED MUSHAFFAY AHMED            PPP           7453




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