Nawaz Sharif Speech at Murree Jalsa

Nawaz Sharif delivered a very simple and fact based speech at Murree jalsa today.  He was on the election campaign and he pointed out that they worked for the prosperity of this nation when they were ruling Pakistan. The excerpts from his speech are given.

  • Nawaz Sharif on stage in Murree, huge crowd chanting Wazir E Azam Nawaz Sharif
  • We will construct an international level hospital in Murree
  • Nawaz Sharif: I talk of the future of Pakistan’s youth! We knew they are qualified individuals who want respectable jobs.
  • We are not here with empty promises. We will create an environment where jobs will knock on your door,as in past
  • “The youth are any country’s resource. You need to contribute positively.” amidst slogans by a packed crowd
  • Murree has spoken in favour of Wazir E Azam Nawaz Sharif.
  • Revolution already came 1990 in Pakistan when we made the first motorway in South Asia. No one has done this again.
  • “Being the 7th Atomic power, and making our own decisions, we got respect from the world!”
  • In last 5 yrs, while corruption is rampant around Pakistan, we were making Daanish schools, MetroBus for common man
  • Development work in Murree was initiated by us.
  • “We have made plans for getting rid of water shortage here, improving tourism via improving the area”
  • “We have plans to connect Murree via major transport links such as direct train links”
  • We will get rid of load shedding for sure; it will take some steady steps.
  • If Zaradari had done anything productive, they would have something to campaign about other than negative campaigns.
  • If I am asking for vote for PMLN, I do it because the team here can build a better Pakistan.
  • Everyone of you has a role to play in a progressive Pakistan, vote PMLN. Let’s live with respect and honour!
  • A tahir e lahoti, us rizq sey maut achi, jis rizq sey ati ho parwaz mey kotahi.
  • Pakistan Zindabad!nawaz sharif murree


The crowd cheer and chants to a leader. The vigour and fervour was invigorating. After ending his speech he moved towards Havelian Jalsa, where he will be addressing a crowd already seated.



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