PTI Imran Khan Live Taxila Jalsa on 29th April

Imran Khan is going to Taxila jalsa on 29th April 2013, where a huge crowd is present to listen their leader. Watch Imran Khan Taxila Jalsa pictures and video. PTI has arranged a series of Tabdeeli express that started from New Murree today and ends on Taxila public gathering.


Place: Taxila district
Speaker: Imran khan (Chairman PTI)
Time: 6:30 pm (The Jalsa started after 9pm actually)

Imran taxila

It was the PTI’s journey that eneded today at Taxila. people of five areas welcomed the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Mr. Imran Khan, was received very warmly at those stations. PTI tabdeeli express did start today from New Murree Jalsa and ends on Taxila Jalsa.

Following is the excerpt from the speech of Imran Khan at Taxila:

  • 11th May will be a match between Noon and Junoon: Imran Khan
  • We will eliminate corruption in 90 days and one day people will come from other countries to get jobs. Imran Khan at Taxila
  • “One education system for all and 5 times increase in education budget of govt schools is our priority” Imran Khan at Taxila.
  • “In our Naya Pakistan, no one will have to go outside Pakistan to find jobs. I will fix the system to make Pakistan self sufficient.” Imran Khan at Taxila.
  • Chairman ends the speech by pledging that he had never bowed to any one nor he will let our nation bow infront of America.



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