PTI Jalsa in Kasur, Nankana, Sheikhupura on 24th April

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, led by Imran Khan is having a public gatherings at Kasur, Nankana and Sheikhupura on 24th April 2013. IK speech will be aired live to the whole nation via major television operators. Imran Khan is very active these days , having three to four public speeches a day. Insaf TV (owned by PTI) is having remarkable coverage of the rallies and Tabdeeli Express gatherings.



Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has nominated Hassan Ali Khan, Sardar Muhammad Hussain Dogar, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, Akeel Aslam and Rana Naeem Riaz Ahmad from Kasur. There are many string competitors of PTI in Kasur. This time, it is hoped that PTI will be going to clean sweep from Kasur.

Kasur is located near to Lahore and its border lies with India. Ganda Singh Border and Wahga Border is also situated in Kasur district. This district is very famous due to its fertile culture and people.


A newly made district Nankana Sahib, famous for its old buiding and sacred places of Sikhs there. Nankana Sahib was attached with Sheikhupura but it was declared separate district during the last decade. Dogar family is considered powerful there and has much influence over the political system in Nanakana. ECP has allocated three seats of National Assembly and the constituencies are: NA-135, NA-136 and NA-137. All the major political parties including PPP, PML-N, PTI, PML-Q have nominated their candidates from all the seats of National Assembly from there.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has nominated Muhammad Arshad Sahi, Choudhry Muhammad Yaqoob and Rai Muhammad Akram Khan for National Assembly seats. Caste-based voting system prevails over there and only those candidates will be able to win the election war if the local castes support them.



Sheikhupura is an old, fertile and agricultural place with many big growers based there. The political system is also influenced by the parties and not by the individual candidates. Major political parties have given tickets to those candidates who can compete well in such environment. Major castes and tribes of this district are Rana, Chaudhries, Virks and Dogars. PTI has allotted tickets to Rahat Amanullah Bhatti, Ayaz Sarfaraz, Abubakar Virk and Ch. Shafaqat Ali from NA seats.

Imran Khan addressed to the youth of all the places. He is targeting the under 30-years age voters which are millions in number. If he succeeds in getting their votes, surely he will be making good results in elections.

Pictures from Nankana, Sheikhupura and Pattoki (Ksaur)

PTI in Shahkot

PTI Shahkot (9)

PTI Shahkot (8)

PTI Shahkot (7)

PTI Shahkot (6)

PTI Shahkot (5)

PTI Shahkot (4)

PTI Shahkot (3)

PTI Shahkot (2)

PTI Shahkot (1)

More pictures when Imran khan was just arriving at the place where he delivered speech to the thousands of listeners. Shahkot is considered a well educated, agricultural based and working community that works in the nearby factories. People from Shahkot showed that they are going to support PTI in the elections.

people awaiting imran khan

People from Shahkot awaiting their leader. Imran Khan has been welcomed by the people very warmly and he delivered speech there.

Imran Khan at Shahkot. He was warmly welcomed by the local people there.

Imran Khan at Shahkot. He was warmly welcomed by the local people there.



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