PTI Tabdeeli Express Rally Lahore on 20th April 2013

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Imran Khan starting election campaign today from Mall Road, Lahore at 4 pm. The rally of PTI from start from Mall Road to Data Darbar Lahore. Chairman PTI Imran Khan will lead Tabdeeli Express Bike and Car rally in Lahore.

PTI is trying its best to get more and more people in Rally today. As Imran Khan’s (PTI)¬† party is going to start election campaign 2013 from today. They are requesting every one to join Imran Khan at 4:00 pm at the massive rally today starting from PTI MALL Road Office to Dataa Darbaar.

Imran Khas has addressed the fans that he will begin his election campaign with all his party workers in a Car and Bike Rally in Lahore. Everyone meet at the PTI Office at 4pm on 20th April 2013.

tabdeeli express pti lahore

PTI Tabdeeli Express Car and Motor Bike rally continued for a number of hours. Imran Khan went to Data Darbar and prayed for his success in the General Elections. Thousands of supporters were present in the rally. PTI has started its election campaign today and it is assumed that they will be getting good results from Lahore.

PTI Lahore

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