Shahbaz Sharif Shahdara-Lahore Jalsa Live today

Lahore (28-4-2013): Shahbaz Sharif jalsa in Shahdara, the PML-N supporting area. Watch Live jalsa of Shahbaz Sharif in Shahdara on 28th April 2013 at 3pm. This jalsa is in the form of a rally starting from Shahdara towards Lahore. Watch the Shahbaz Sharif Shahdara-Lahore Jalsa live on HotPakNews.

His jalsa will be going to air from all television channels. PML-N social media team also updates the jalsa pictures and videos as soon as it happens so that the lovers and supporters of Nawaz league are remained updated from every event that has happened. PML-N is criticizing PTI and Q-League strictly these days and especially Imran Khan is on their hit list.

Shahbaz Sharif arrived at Shahdara at 6:30 pm. According to PML-N, highly charged youngsters receiving him.


Place: Shahdara-Lahore
Date: 28th April 2013
Time: 3 pm
Type: Political and Election Campaign rally

shahbaz shahdara lahore

Shahdara is located just a few kilometers aaways from lahore city, near the Ravi bridge This rally will start at 3 om from Shahdara. Shahbaz Sharif  will be addressing the crowd at Shahdara and motivate the LIONS OF PML-N to vote for Nawaz League on May 11. PML-N is expecting to clean sweep in Lahore and adjoining areas and their basic intention and rallies are also centered in metropolitan areas of Punjab.



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