Imran Khan PTI Naya Pakistan Rally in Lahore today

Lahore (4th May 2013): PTI has organized a rally in Lahore today that will start from Imran Khan’s house at Zaman park, Lahore. This rally is one part of the IK’s election campaign. Imran Khan is in KPK today and may not be in the rally but all the senior local PTI leaders and Insaf Youth Wings will be present in the Jalsa.naya pakistan rally

Place: Lahore. It will start from Zaman Park, where the Imran Khan’s house is located.
Date: 4th May 2013
Time: From Zaman Park Lahore at 3pm
Speaker: Imran Khan’s presence is not final but local PTI politicians will lead the rally.

This is the campaign rally in Lahore for supporting candidates contesting in Lahore region. PTI is facing competition with PML-Nawaz in Lahore as many mega-projects were completed by the previous government led by Shhabaz Sharif.

PTI Naya Pakistan Lahore Rally Pictures



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