PML-N Nawaz Sharif Live Talagang Jalsa 5th May 2013

Pakistan Muslim League head Mian Nawaz Sharif will deliver a speech to a crowd in Talagang on 5th May 2013. Local PML-N officials are hoping to get huge gathering in Nawaz Sharif Jalsa of Talagang. It is a headquarter of Tehsil Talagang and is located in District Chakwal.

PML-N Talagang Jalsa

The photos of jalsa will be shared afterwards. The video of Nawaz Sharif speech at┬áTalagang jalsa will be uploaded in the evening.┬áTalagang has been center of PML (N) so Nawaz Sharif will make efforts to get as much votes as possible. PTI is also very popular political party there. Let’s see whom people vote on election day.



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