PTI Imran Khan Jalsa Live from Pasrur and Zafarwal today

Imran Khan is coming to Pasrur (Sialkot) and Zafarwal (Narowal) today for election campaign in thePTI Pasrur Zafarwalse areas. The speech of IK will be aired live on 2nd May 2013. The supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf are mostly youth in these areas.

Places: Pasrur and Zafarwal
Main Speaker: Imran Khan and local PTI leaders including the contestants of NA and PP seats.
Date: 2nd May 2013
Time: Zafarwal (1:30 pm) and Pasrur(3:00 pm)

Imran Khan’s schedule is very busy these days as he is going to four places today and addressing the public especially youth of this nation to vote for BAT on 11th may 2013. As days are decreasing day by day and its merely a week left in election campaigns. His address in Pasur and Zafarwal will be aired live. Insaf TV, the owned internet TV of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

PTI’s stance is to empower youth and Imran Khan is targeting the youth o Pakistan as the vote count for more than 40%. PTI in Narowal today for electioneering and these jalsas will leave a good effect on the voters and supporters of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan Pasrur Jalsa Speech (Video)

Imran Khan Zafarwal Jalsa Speech (Video)

PTI Pasrur Jalsa Picturespasrur jalsa (1)

pasrur jalsa (2)

pasrur jalsa (3)

pasrur jalsa (4)

pasrur jalsa (5)

PTI Zafarwal Jalsa Pictures

imran khan  zafarwal jalsa

Pre-Jalsa Picture: People waiting for Imran Khan at Zafarwal.

pti zafarwal jalsa

Crowd awaiting Imran Khan at Zafarwal Jalsa.

pti zafarwal jalsa (1)

Imran Khan at Zafarwal jalsa on 2nd May.

pti zafarwal jalsa (2)

Children at Imran Khan’s Jalsa held on 2nd May in Zafarwal, Narowal.

pti zafarwal jalsa (3)

A huge crowd in front of Chairman PTI.

pti zafarwal jalsa (4)

An electrified crowd of the people of Zafarwal.

pti zafarwal jalsa (5)

Imran Khan speaking to the public of Zafarwal.




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