Did Google steal the idea behind the Reunion Ad?

Google Reunion ad has hit the Pakistanis and Indians on social media. The original concept has been taken from Pak Sar Zameen Productions.

A Proud And a Sad Moments for EVERY Pakistani GOOGLE INDIA has stolen the idea of Taha Kirmani Short Film ‘RESPECT’ in their new GOOGLE Reunion Ad. The Google Ad has gone Viral and nobody knows that the Original Idea was created by Our own Boy. Organizations like GOOGLE is stealing Ideas from Our Pakistani Talent. Share this POST and let the real Talent recognized!

The original concept was used in a video by Pak Sar Zameen Productions on December 12, 2012. The details of people who were behind the original video are:

Director: Taha Kirmani

Cast: Muhammad Azeem, Zafar Habib, Syed Mubashir Ali Rizvi, Dj-Anas Ahemed

Google released the Reunion video just a few days back utilizing the idea presented by Pakistanis. Both the videos are given below and you can feel what has been stolen and credit goes to whom?

We praise Taha Kirmani for presenting the original concept of that video.

Original Concept Video

Google Reunion Ad



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