Gautam Sapkota – Nepali Boy who knows the language of crows

Gautam Sapkota belongs to Nepal and has full command on the crows. He can produce different sounds of crows in a number of situations. This crow boy is trying to get some space in Guinness Records.

Gautam Sapkota has no formal education but when he realized that he can produce a number of sounds especially of crows, he started managing and setting up shows in schools for the protection of birds.

Whenever he comes to the stage, he produce special sound of crows and a number of cows starts coming towards him. The crows sit near the trees and houses located close to him. After few minutes, when Gautam produce anther sound, all the crows went away.

His crow shows in the country are much popular. he has traveled to more than 50 districts of Nepal for his shows. He claims that he can produce about 250 voices of different birds. He has command over crows.

Gautam Sapkota – The Crow Boy (Video)

Some of his pictures, when calling the crow:

Gautam Sapkota knows crows

Crow Boy

Gautam Sapkota - The Crow Boy




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