General Sana Ullah was not killed by Talibans

General Sana Ullah, the senior Army men of Pakistan,was killed in an attack when the process of backdoor negotiation was started. A news paper claim that there is a powerful country behind the death of General Sana Ullah’s death. The name of that country has not been mentioned in the report.

One social media website also published a video that states Taliban’s were involved in the death. The investigation of his death should be done and public should be told that who was involved in the death ether Talibans or someone else who does not want Pakistan as a prosper and peaceful nation.

It is said that the vehicle of General Sana Ullah was under continuous monitored through satellites. When he reached near Bin Shahi, his vehicle was blasted. General Sana Ullah was on the way to see the activities of soldiers on the front line.

Sana Ullah



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  1. pakistani says:

    bullshit. he was killed by taliban. curse on them

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