Paul Walker died in a car crash

Paul Walker, the superstar of Hollywood, died in a car crash yesterday. The car crash was hilarious and took his life at the moment the accident took place. The tragic scene of Paul’s death has been officially released in the car is completely¬† damaged.The accident took place at Southern California. Paul died at the age of 40.

His famous movie was “Fast and the Furious”. His legendary work will remain always in the hearts of the people. It is thought that the accident might have occurred due to over speeding.

Paul became famous when his movie “Varsity Blues” was released in 1999. Then the most popular movie series in which he worked was “Fast and the Furious” which is loved by all those who love action movies.

Paul Walker

The official death news was reported on twitter account of Paul Walker which states where the accident took place. Paul died in a tragic card accident. The car was owner was his friend who also lost his life in the accident.

paul twitter message

Video of Paul Walker’s Accident Place




  1. Jahanzeb Khan says:

    Paul Walkers sad and unfortunate death in a road accident will be mourned for long because he died at the prime of his life.God bless him

  2. abubakar says:

    its a really sad news

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