Millions of Pakistanis looking to watch secret video of Meera

Pakistani news media highlighted the issue of Meera’s secret marriage with Captain Naveed. This was made more controversial when Meera rejected her marriage bond with Captain Naveed.

meera red

Captain Naveed is currently living in US and have legally married Meera few months back. All the television news channels reported the news of “Meera’s Secret Video” and made the issue public.

A number of videos are present on the internet that can be easily named as the Meera’a Scandal Video but some of them are made for their private life and reportedly leaked through some technology laps.

The Meera’s video which was named scandal video has been watched thousands of times and more number of people are looking to watch it.

The original name of Meera has been reported as “Irtaza Rubab” (understood to be Meera’s real name) and Naveed Perveez” as his husband.

Meera Original Name

It must be noted that as Muslims, one must not look to find and watch such videos. It is possible that the video was not made for public.

Mubashir Luqman also gave time to this issue in his program. As this is not national issue, so such talk shows must not be giving the prime airtime to the less important issues.



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