Now Qingqis rickshaws are gradually terminate in Lahore

Punjab Govt. has ordered Qingqi free Lahore. There will be no space for Qingqi in Lahore soon. This step has been taken to make Lahore more environment friendly.

Qingqis Lahore

If these orders worked then about 0.1 million people will lose their livelihood and according to the reports, alternative sources of income will give them by provincial govt.

According to govt. the reason of this decision was based on increasing congestion, pollution and road accidents, in the city.
According to latest reports, (department of environment) that 80% of the environmental hazards in city caused by qingqis rickshaws.

The Lahore Transport Company (LTC) “responsible of terminating the qingqis rickshaws” already had planned the survey of number passenger in the city who rides on motorcycle rickshaws.

According to LTC, motorcycle rickshaws have more detrimental effects than auto rickshaws and also become the cause of congestion of traffic in the city. No doubt, it is also easiest and cheapest source of traveling for many passengers as well.



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