Secretary level trade talks resume between India and Pakistan

Islamabad (January 14, 2014) secretary level trade talk will resume between India and Pakistan in New Delhi.

wagha border pakistan

After 16 month gap in trade talk will resume tomorrow but from Indian side government facing negative response from political parties as the season of election is going on in India. The trade talk road map was not completed yet which was held before 16 months. In the tomorrow’s meeting the focus will be on the phasing out the negative list and non-tariff barriers issues.

After the tomorrow’s meeting at secretary level, ministers from both sides will announce the future road map regarding the trade between the two countries.

The critical issues in the way of easy trade between India and Pakistan is importing 6000 goods from India through wagha border in spite of 137 goods which are currently importing,24 hours clearance facility of goods at Wagha border and containerization of cargo service.

Pakistani official said that government has decided to agree on these issues but government is waiting for response from Indian side. He also said that if we finalize the trade through wagah border with India then India have to decrease the sensitivity list up to 30% for Pakistan and other south Asian countries.

Remember that three agreements were signed in 2012 between India and Pakistan to facilitating the trade between two countries but all these agreements gave no result.



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