Tahir-ul-Qadri’s full speech at 30th International Milad Conference Lahore

Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri delivered a religious speech at 30th International Milad Conference Lahore, Pakistan today. The topic of his speech was “the esteemed status and meaning of Prophet Muhammad PBUH Prophethood”.

tuq speech 12 rabi ul awwal

He started his speech at 01:54 am on 14th January 2014 (12th Rabi ul Awwal 1435 Hijri). ARY Zauq, Minhaj TV and online stream was also available for international viewers. Besides these arrangements, Minhaj ul Quran International has also set up more than 300 places worldwide for people to watch the International Milad Conference.

Following are the key points of his speech:

  • All religious minorities should have the same legal rights and they must not be discriminated.
  • The Prophet gave all humanity a system that does not allow even a single person to remain hungry.
  • Lets promise to follow the foot steps of the Prophet so the period of happiness & prosperity might return to this Ummah.
  • I pray for all the humanity, may we live in peace and happiness.



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