Future of your children by Talat Hussain

Talat Hussain is a famous analyst and column writer. In his column he advised the Pakistani parents to choose politics for their children as a profession instead of doctor, engineer, information technology or business administration because politics is a profession which changes the life of your children.

He counted the benefits of politics in which an illiterate person can became politician with plenty of wealth in his accounts. After joining this field you will see that you are free from rules and regulations which were applied o common person.

Besides this, whatever you told to the nation, nation would have to believe on it. You will also enjoy the government and business benefit. You have no need to pay taxes instead of having huge wealth and if you paid few thousand taxes from billions of rupees then media will publish your news which increases your fame in the public. So there are lots of benefits of choosing politics as a profession for your children.

Now future of your children is in your hand choose the politics and make them healthy, wealthy and wise.

future of children talat hussain



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