Man Killed, Woman Stoned To Death In Adultery Case, Loralai

LORALAI: According to reports in area of Loralai a couple is stoned to death after issuing order from the local panchayat. Media publish the news on TV channels after this incidence which forced the Provincial Home Minister Sarfraz Bhugti to take notice of the incidence.

Levies Force

Levies Force in action.

Bughti said that the strict action would be taken against the persons who involved in this heinous act. Police arrested 8 people along with a mufti who was member of the local jury. According to local people a man and woman stoned to death while some people said that first they were stoned and then shot to death.

The couple was married but local jury accused that they having extramarital relationships. Both were belonging to nomadic tribe in which inter tribe marriages are strictly prohibited. Local police officials confirmed the stoning and said that final results will be seen after the postmortem report.



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