Married Couple put to death in Loralai

Loralai: A marriage couple was put to death after the orders of a local cleric. It has been found that none of the cleric investigated that whether they are married or not. It is thought that the cleric might not be aware of the marriage of both of them.

The district administration arrested the cleric who gave fatwa against the married couple and the total number of arrested persons have reached six. (Dunya News). According to Samaa TV, the couple was charges with adultery and stones were thrown on to them until they died.

It has been found that the couple married not a long ago and it was a “love marriage”.

Marriage Ended in Death

Post Morten will be done and two clerics have been caught by local administration.

Interior Minister Balchistan Sarfraz Bugti said that there were two clerics who ordered to put the couple to death. One of them has been caught and police is trying to find the second one.




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