Quarrel on changing TV channel results in death of person

Islamabad: On February 21, 2014 a regretful incidence is take place in the village Tarar which was situated 12 kilometer east from Islamabad. The incident took the life of the young boy.

tv remote

The story of the incidence was that the two late teens Muhamad Umair and Amir Muaviyah was watching TV in the Umair’s house when they began to quarrel on changing TV channel. The quarrel changed into heated words and finally Amir Muaviyah shouted Muhammad Umair dead with AK-47.

The police has registered the case against the Amir Muaviyah and further investigations are going on to explore the main reason of murder.The thing which was amazing that how and why Amir Muaviyah armed with AK-47 at the place of murder.

The spokesman of police said “they exchanged heated words with each other which results into death of Muhammad Umair”.



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