Najum Saithi predict the victory of Pakistan Team in T20 world cup final

Lahore: (March 26, 2014) According to the reports Najum Saithi predict that if Pakistani Team reached in the final of T20 world cup against India then we will defiantly win because players learn from the mistakes from the previous match. When he was asked about the causes of loss in the previous match against India, He said that “players were overconfident in the match against India which results defeat in the match however Pakistani players learned many things from this and that’s why I am hopeful for Pakistani team”.

Najum SaithiWhile talking to the media on the Allama Iqbal international airport Lahore he also said that moral of the Pakistani players is high and defeating Australia in the event was not easy but Pakistani team did this. He also said that Pakistani team will defiantly make place in the semi final and I m confident that Pakistani team will do this however the performance of all players in the coming matches will be important.



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