Common things between Narindra Mohdi and PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif

Lahore: (April 26, 2014) Despite of chanting ant Pakistan slogan by the Bharti Jhanta Party (BJP) there are some common thing between BJP chairperson Narindra Mohdi and PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.

The thing which is common in both, that both has passed many times through hair transplant surgery. Narindra Mohdi goes for hair transplant in 2010 and after that in 2012 he again transplanted the hairs.

mohdi and nawaz sharif

Narindra Mohdi transplant the hair due to the reasons that in election campaign people can see Mohdi with hair and in party agenda it was decided that people will only see Mohdi with hairs.

Similarly Nawaz Sharif transplanted hairs twice after quitting the Pakistan in 1999.



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