Interior Ministry said that Altaf Hussain first get Overseas Pakistani card

Islamabad: (April 17, 2014) Pakistan High Commission asked for report about the application of Altaf Hussain passport and NIC promotion. Pakistan High Commission takes no action on the decision in Altaf Hussain issue about coming Pakistan.

The president of Richard Law society Amjad Malik said to daily news Pakistan if Pakistan government reject the application of Altaf Hussain then there will be a rit against Altaf Hussain in Europe union and capture there all countries passport and passage documents. Metropolitan police said there will be no movement of Altaf before the clearance of their charges.

altaf hussain

It is also consideration that there are some news about the stop of Altaf at Hether Airport to South Africa and then return to home and cease the last bank account in “Money laundering case”.

Jamya Khan’s brother “Zig Gold Smith” member of the British Parliament play important role and submit answer of all the blames to the investigation authority.

Different blames are charged on MQM as “Btha khori , Murders in many countries, Division of country, and blames on British government”.



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