Blasphemous acts led Tasleema Nasreen to cancer

American doctors have diagnosed cancer to Tasleema Nasreen. She is a blasphemous women resident of Bangladesh. Her brother’s cancer is at last stage and mother has already died due to cancer.

She has confirmed the news that she had been ill and has breast cancer. Doctors have recommended her chemotherapy.

The people of Bangladesh have been angry at her controversial novel and writings against Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Haseena Wajid has already said that there is no need for her to come back.

Indian magazine DNA has written that it is fact that Indian Government issued a visa for her to live in India but due to strong reaction of Indian Muslims, she was sent to USA after help of Indian Government in visa processing.

It is also thought that cancer has been her family disease now and Muslims thought those who will have blasphemous acts will suffer like Tasleema Nasreen.




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