Easy remedies for Half Head Pain

Migraines cause pain as real as the pain of injuries. Only those can feel its pain, which have experienced with this severe headache. But if you want to get rid of migraine, adopt easy remedies.

If you take very low-fat diet daily, this helps you to minimize the headache pain. According to Headache Center of Atlanta, low fat diet (15 % of calories came from fat each day), than 40% fewer headaches and pain is less severe.

Similarly 400 mg usage of Vitamin B¬2 can also help to reduced 50 % half head pain, same results can obtain by the usage of Feverfew and Melatonin.

Aspirin, Caffeine and Triptans also provide complete relief. But Magnesium supplement and homeopathic treatments have not significant role in reduction of pain.



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