Easy way to find partner for marriage

London: (May 18, 2014) In the past Math was simply a knowledge of plus minus. But as the time passes it became advanced and staring being used in the space and other fields. Due the knowledge of math people resolve many problems by devising a formula.

easy way to find life partner

A formula of math which is devised by the Marten Gardner in 1960 which is present in the new book of Alex Belu named “The Grapes of Math”. According to this formula you can easily find your marriage partner. Just enlist your possible partners and make two groups of that. After that, start choosing partner from the first list. If nobody is being chosen then go for the second group and start to choose. The main feature of this formula is that you can reject the partner only once and after that you will not think over it which helps in choosing you a better partner.

So whenever you choose a marriage partner, try this formula and share the results with us.



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