Eat Melons and get rid of Kidney Stones

If you add melon in your daily diet, there is less chance for kidney stones. Usage of melon not only helps in reducing deficiency of water in our body, but it also cleans the kidney and thus other organs work efficiently.

High quantity of potassium is present in melon, women especially girls should use melon daily in summer season.

These thoughts had explained in “Pakistan Tibbi Conference, Lahore Division” by Doctor of medicine Professor Hakeem M. Ijaz Farooqi, Professor Hakeem Javaid Rasool, Professor M. Ahmad Saleemi, Hakeem Hamid Mahmood and others.


According to doctors of medicine Melons wash out kidney sand and reduce urine problems and thus automatically chances of kidney stones are less.

Experts said that 100 g melon pulp contains 87-92 g water, 0.6-1.0 g proteins, 0.1g fats, 10.3 g carbohydrates, 4200 units of vitamin a, 0.08 mg of vitamin b, 10.5 g calcium, 0.2-4 g iron, 8-12 mg magnesium and 7-39 g phosphorus.



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