Hole in sky

New York: (May 14, 2014) Human are getting success in space technology and every new day is bringing new discoveries for human in the field of space technology. The interest of human is increases in space science and on the same time people are going to believe in aliens. Different types of stories are came in knowledge about the aliens. People believe that as man is interested in space science aliens are also interested in earth.

hole in sky

Similar type of incidence is seen in the state of America named California where people seen a hole in the sky between the clouds.som people said that this is the attack of aliens and some said that it is natural phenomena. People took snaps of the hole and shared on the social media like twitter and facebook. Experts said that people should not be worried about this hole; it is due to the environmental changes. When sometimes temperature fell too low of the clouds, then vapors present in clouds farm a circle which distinguish from other clouds in the farm of hole.



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  1. Mohammad says:

    that is nothing except the warning from Almighty ALLAH to non muslims

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