Is vulgar dance parties in our colleges are our culture?

Lahore: (May 16, 2014) the trend of arranging dance parties is going common in college’s functions and mehndi events. People did this on the name of Pakistani culture. Such a vulgarity and brutal dance parties they are that nobody if he is a sensible Pakistani said that it is a Pakistani culture. We are just following the footsteps of neighbor country by placing tags on the dance parties that it is Pakistani culture.

dance parties

There are many factors which are responsible for such type of dance parties, which is going on openly without any restriction. The main factor is that we Muslims are stepping backward from religious teaching and we became just materialistic and we always concern about the world not the day of judgment and second factor which is responsible for that is Media. Our wild media which have no concern about Muslims play vulgar dance program and shows which cause negative impact in the minds of children.




  1. AKBAR ALI FARAZ says:

    jis mulak k hukmaran be eman ho jaien wahan k logon ki ezat ka janaza nikl jata Allah humaray en hukmaran ko koi acha kam krnay ki tofeqe de ameeeeeeen

  2. m.zaheer says:

    Rafi bhai jub hum parhne baijhte hain to unko lawaris nahin kerna chahie

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