King Khan becomes second richest Actor of the World

Shahrukh Khan got title as King Khan due to his acting in Bollywood. Now he emerged as world’s richest actor of the world in both Hollywood and Bollywood combined list.King Khan

According to Wealth-X’s Hollywood and Bollywood combine rich list released today. List puts Comedian actor Jerry Seinfeld right on top of the rich list with the worth of $820 million.

However, Shahrukh Khan who was the only Indian actor emerged as second world’s richest actor, with the worth of $600 million.

Tom Cruise is the third richest actor worth $ 480 million, Johny Deep and Tyler Peryy both were at fourth and fifth rank worth of $ 450 million. Several Academy Award winners and three time Oscar winning Jack Nicholson at six with worth of $ 400 million.

Tom Hanks is in 8th with $390 million, Client Eastwood is in ninth place with the net worth of $370 million and Adam Sandler is place at tenth richest actor with worth of $340 million.



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