Love plays an important role in Personality Development

Love plays an important role in your life; it helps to make you well mannered. Scientists believe that with the passage of time romantic relationship can reduce negative approach.

Psychologists of German Universities of Jena and Kassel discovered that a romantic relationship have positive effect on personality development in adults.

According to Journal of Personality, the scientists focused on neuroticism — one of the five characteristics considered to be the basic dimensions of human personality which can be used to characterize every human being.

Personality Development

“However, we were able to show that a love relationship can stable them and thus their personality stabilizes,” said Jena.

Ashfaq Ahmad said, a person who loves with someone is not a prison, he is free. A person who loves spends his life in awesome world (The World of Love). On the one hand, the partners support each other, according to Christine Finn.

The scientists were able to observe this effect in men as well as women. “Of course everyone reacts differently and a long, happy relationship has a stronger effect than a short one,” Franz said.



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